Bringing the field trip process into the 21st century.

  • Automate permission slips & payments.
  • Send dues and forms to parents.
  • Sign your school up for free.


  • Sign off on forms.
  • Pay online.
  • Message teachers.


  • Create activities & trips.
  • Manage your budget.
  • Send permission slips to parents.


  • Take attendance on your phone.
  • Call emergency contacts.
  • View health concerns.

How It Works

Teachers can create & customize field trips, school dances, club meetings, sports games, and more - all online. Then they send parents the invites with permission slip & e-payment in tow.

We integrate with PowerSchool and Skyward, so if your school uses either then you don’t have to worry about data privacy or manual uploads. For other schools, we offer facilitated manual uploads through one of our partners, DataZone, that takes the pain out of data on-boarding.

  • FERPA compliant.
  • Access to student, teacher, and class info.
  • Control your own data privacy.


Painless Payments

Parents can pay for field trips & activities through Stripe.Keep parents from running to the bank and don’t run the risk of students losing cash. Never fear, payments are here.

Teacher Time

Without having to burn class time on collecting forms, answering questions, or writing receipts, faculty have more time for prep periods, for tutoring, and for instruction.

Parent-Teacher Hotline

Reaching out to parents is simple & streamlined with Activity Assist's automatic communication system. Now, parents can ask teachers questions directly. No more, “I forgot my slip at home.”

Modern Clipboard

On the day of the activity, chaperones can take attendance, identify students with allergies or health concerns, and call emergency contacts with a simple touch - thanks to our mobile app.

Control Center

Teachers track all permission slips & payments without having to handle hundreds of dollars in cash, chase down students for forms, or go deposit checks at the bank. Now, you can refresh the page. Abracadabra.

Seamless Integration

School administrators can share their data quickly and securelythrough DataZone, which works with PowerSchool and Skyward to keep ourrecords up to date.

Our Process

Create an Activity

Invite Students and Chaperones

Manage Your Budget

Send Permission Slips to Parents

Parents Sign and Pay

Chaperones Take Attendance

See all of your upcoming and past activities, make changes to old trips, and create new ones - all with a simple click.

Invite your students by period, by class, or individually and pick your chaperones - whether they’re teachers or parents.

Record all of your expenses, your funds raised for the activity, and charge parents a recommended price per student.

Send parents the activity details, add a custom message, and send invites to your chaperones too.

Parents digitally sign off on the permission slip and pay online through Stripes's payment portal.

Chaperones take attendance on the go and send attendance reports right to their office - straight from their phone.


Started by two high school students, Activity Assist shares its story to inspire other students & educators to enter the fray of Ed-Tech. Education is the single most pressing issue in major cities across the country, especially in the long term. We have to do whatever it takes to make our teachers more efficient & more effective, and technology may help bring our cities' schools back to life.


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$1500.00 Per School
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